Craig Zingerline

Founder & CEO, also builder of Mastering Growth & Finding Initial Customers programs.

Crafting a perfect pitch deck

For most of us, there are few things more challenging than raising money for your startup. It’s a seemingly never-ending game of cat and mouse. It seems you’re either trying to chase down investors to get them to notice you and to engage with you, or they are beating down your doors – termsheets in…

How to build a simple growth dashboard

One thing that sets good founders and marketers apart from great ones is that they know what metrics matter, measure those metrics, and make decisions based on the data they are seeing. Unfortunately, with the sheer volume of platforms being used for advertising, marketing, sales, analytics, data & more, it’s often incredibly hard to know…

Simple Growth Dashboard

Measuring Product Market Fit

Product market fit is one of the most talked about but least understood aspects of early stage startup growth. It’s a favorite subject among angel investors and founders alike and or good reason – it often points to the first major inflection point of a startup – the potential to scale. In my experience working…

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