Finding your Early Customers with User Interviews

Join Zach as he walks us through how to find your early customers using research marketplaces and user interviews – and build the foundation of your startup the right way

Your Program Host

Zach Fragapane is a 15-year veteran of digital startups. He is a product manager, growth marketer and user researcher by trade. He is both the Co-Founder of Jolly – the online store for freelancers to package and sell their skills – and the CEO of – a consultancy specializing in growth research for startups. Outside of work, he likes soccer, travel and house parties (they’re starting to return!)

Download the Syllabus for Finding your Early Customers with User Interviews

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Program Layout

Module 1: Intro to User Interviewing & Research Marketplaces/Expert Networks

Module 2: Growth Frameworks, Startup Strategy & the Role of User Interviews

Module 3: Recruiting for User Interviews

Module 4: Holding Research Interviews

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