What is it?

Are you sick of hearing stories of how to grow startups without seeing what happens on the ground? 

Us too.

There’s never been a better time to be a builder and owner of a startup.

So, we are going to buy an early-stage startup.  And give complete visibility on what we do to try grow and scale it.

With our first cohort for #GrowInPublic, we have 50 seats available.

Members of the cohort will get access to bi-weekly calls where we will go through the strategy and tactics of what we are working on to grow the startup with real results. You will also be able to give feedback and offer up ideas.

We are giving first access to seats to our members so to guarantee your spot, become a member now and become part of a new startup’s journey to growth. 

What will I learn from this?

You’ll learn how to try and grow a company in real life. Members in this cohort will get access to all of the metrics, tactics, creatives, copy and anything we do with this startup, you’ll learn

  • What to look out for with new startups
  • How to create the marketing strategy to try scale
  • Why even the best plans may not work out
Is this course for me?

This course is ideal for everyone.

  • Growth minded folks looking to get into setting up their startups
  • Founders who want to see how other companies approach each step of growth
  • Investors who want to see different approaches to growing a company and what those metrics mean in realtime
  • Anyone who wants to learn about startups
Your Program Host

The entire Growth University team will host #GrowInPublic. No startup is an island and so different members of the team will work on and report on the varying aspects of the company. With multiple successful and failed startups, agencies, jobs in product, content and marketing making up our experience, we’re your typical startup team.

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