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Join our super popular Growth 101 course free and get 6+ weeks of content on-demand. This course is part of the Growth University Series that helps entrepreneurs formalize their growth strategy.

Run by Craig Zingerline, Growth 101 is our hand selected set of lessons from the flagship Mastering Growth program. This course will move you through growth models and data driven experiments. Think strategies and tactics for acquisition, activation, retention and much more. Growth at a startup cannot be assumed. You need to be disciplined in how you spend your time and money to ensure you can take it to the next level. With Growth 101 we formalize that process – saving you time that you can spend on building your business. Built for professionals in marketing, growth, product, UX and engineering roles, this course will teach you the strategies and tactics you need to propel your company forward.

This is a condensed and hand selected set of lessons pulled from our Mastering Growth course.

Dig in, and enjoy!

Your Program Host
Craig Zingerline - Growth 101

Craig Zingerline is a 6 time founder (4 exits) who has helped dozens of companies scale their growth. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Growth University. He previously served as the Chief Product Officer at Sandboxx, Head of Growth at Upside Travel, CEO of Votion, Head of Growth at Red Tricycle, and VP at New Signature. Built by Craig, Growth University is designed to help other professionals learn the growth strategies and tactics needed to scale their companies and to create a structured and organized way for people to get started with growth.

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Weekly Lesson Plan

Module 1: Introduction to Growth 

Module 2: Startup Financials & Growth Modeling 

Module 3: Inputs, Actions and Outcomes Modeling 

Module 4: Building your first Growth Dashboard

Module 5: Customer Acquisition 

Module 6: Activation

Module 7: Retention 

Module 8: Experimentation

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