Mastering Growth

Mastering Growth is Growth University’s flagship program. With an NPS of 82, this highly regarded course will walk through how to get your startup growing. Each week of Mastering Growth is a deep dive into a core element of growing any business.

We start with teaching you how to fully build out your initial financial model, how it can help you pitch to investors, building your initial team and some of the basic tools you’ll need to start your startup. We then move to work on how to acquire your first users, getting your brand out there with paid advertising, SEO, SEM and referrals. Then activating those users into customers, giving them their A-HA moment and starting to build traction and revenue. Moving to retain those customers is core to business longevity and we will dig into some real world examples of how to get people to stick around. Lastly, we will get into how to set up a true experimentation process, how to prioritize your ideas and finding the signals to help lead your business to success.

We have also included a whole host of guest contributors who will bring their knowledge from a variety of industries. Use our Mastering Growth course as your roadmap to startup growth.

Your Program Host
Craig Zingerline

Craig Zingerline is a 6 time founder (4 exits) who has helped dozens of companies scale their growth. He previously served as the Chief Product Officer at Sandboxx, Head of Growth at Upside Travel, CEO of Votion, Head of Growth at Red Tricycle, and VP at New Signature. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Growth University.Built by Craig, Growth University is designed to help other professionals learn the growth strategies and tactics needed to scale their companies.

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