Paid Acquisition Deep Dive – David Sanghera

This blueprint for growth has been tested to help companies scale to millions of dollars of revenue. Each week, you will learn a core fundamental of scaling your advertising campaigns and budget, optimizing for success. From tracking your user growth and churn, to return on ad spend to optimizing your landing pages, this course will help you formalize and document every step of your paid advertising process.

Program Layout

Paid Acquisition with David Sanghera is an on-demand course, designed to be taken over 4 weeks. The typical week has:

  • 1 hour of instructional content for the theme of the week followed by 30 minutes of Q&A from the live cohort. This content is also on the video so you have it all on-hand.

  • Case studies, resources and copies of all the spreadsheets for you to recreate everything you learn for your own startup.

  • 1 hour of optional office hours with program hosts and supporting team members where you can ask questions about your own company & specific growth goals.

In addition, there is pre-recorded supplemental video and written content that can be consumed outside of the live sessions at your own pace

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Program Host

David Sanghera is a renowned founder with DeltaSift,  BeautyTechSF and fab co-creation studio amongst his current endeavors. He has served as Head of Product and Marketing at various startups as well as globally recognized companies such as Oracle and Dreamworks Animation. His attention to detail and clinical execution means is a much sought after consultant in this space.

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