Paid Acquisition: A Deep Dive into Google Advertising

Google is the largest search engine in the world – by a lot. Every day, billions of people search for answers to questions and solutions to problems. Now think of the impact on your business by being the first answer they see to their problem. With a correctly set up Google Ads account, you can be at the top of all of those relevant searches.

With Google Ads Deep Dive, Jen will walk you through how to set up your Google Ads account, what types of strategy could work well for your business and how to execute on that. She will share her tips and tricks about correct keywords, how to set up your audiences, what type of budgeting strategies to use and so much more. Get your business into a prime advertising position with Google Ads Deep Dive.

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Your Program Host
Jen Bryan - Google Ads Expert

Jen Bryan is an award winning paid acquisition specialist with an honours masters degree in Digital Marketing Strategies. Jen is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Launch Growth University as well as being a course creator and host. She has extensive experience working with start-ups on their paid acquisition both in an agency and in-house capacity. Working with companies across Ireland, UK and USA, Jen has helped companies leverage phenomenal growth both nationally and internationally through paid acquisition channels. 


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Weekly Lesson Plan

Week 1 – Introduction To Google Ads

Week 2 – Keyword Research & Keyword Management

Week 3 – Google Ads Audience Management

Week 4 – Bidding Strategies & Budget Management

Week 5 – Conversion Tracking and Management

Week 6 – Ad Copy and Landing Pages

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