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We run awesome events that will help you grow your startup. Some are public (free) and others are for members only. View our list below, or view our membership options here.

November 30th @5PM ET

Webinar Host: Aoife Jacob

Creating an engaging landing page is crucial for maximizing your conversion rates. A strong landing page will help your brand to grow. It will engage your audience and convert them to customers or users. So getting that landing page right is crucially important, regardless of whether you are prelaunch, in the very early stages of growth, or have millions in revenue.

December 2nd @1PM ET

Webinar Host: Craig Zingerline with guest speakers; Chris Hertz and Jackie Deegan

GU are delighted to bring you a panel discussion on the 2nd December next, discussing just that.

We will chat about the do’s and don’ts of pitching to investors, looking at the information, data and metrics that an investor wants to see to enable them make a decision about investing in your business.

This will be a valuable session for any founder or entrepreneur who wants to know what the main areas of focus should be when thinking about and going for funding.You will get real insights from investors on what they look for, what they don’t want to hear and importantly, their views on what successful founders did to get that investment.

December 7th 2021

Webinar Host: Ayhan K. Isaacs

Ayhan Isaacs from Growth Rhino will go through the do’s and don’ts of Cold Email, and outline the three pillars of an effective campaign.

Together we will discuss strategy, execution, and optimization. Learn how to get meetings with new customers without ever having to make a cold call again.

On Demand

Webinar Host: Jason Woodard

In this webinar Jason will talk about how starting a podcast will benefit and grow your brand. 

You will learn; why you should start podcasting, how to begin, the basics of podcasting and get a glimpse at the backend & analytics of podcast production. 

On Demand 

Webinar Host: Jen Bryan

Apple has changed the way marketers and founders need to think about their marketing. This webinar will teach you how to rethink your marketing strategy to get the most out of the platform after this significant change.

On Demand

Webinar Host: Craig Zingerline

In this webinar you’ll learn, the main types of targeting customer, the 4 key factors in finding the right channel, how to build a great marketing campaign, examples of great campaigns & get worksheets to take away and use on your own!

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