How to create cold email campaigns with 45%+ open rates

with Ayhan K. Isaacs

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What to expect

Ayhan Isaacs from Growth Rhino will go through the do’s and don’ts of Cold Email, and outline the three pillars of an effective cold emailing campaign.

Ayhan will walk you through what you need to set up successful cold email campaigns that convert and how to avoid the dreaded spam folder.

You’ll learn:

  • Is cold email right for your business? And what to be aware of before writing your first email.
  • How to technically set up a cold email campaign with list building, email cleaning and sending tools.
  • What baseline metrics you should be aiming for with opens, responses and interest.

Your Host 


Ayhan K. Isaacs

Ayhan K. Isaacs is the Founder of Growth Rhino – a sales agency helping SaaS companies scale their outbound programs. Learn more at He is certified in Conversion Optimization by CXL and holds a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Ryerson University.

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