Cold Emailing Webinar

Growth University Webinar Series

Cold Emailing Webinar 

Hosted by: Ayhan K. Isaacs

When: December 7th 2021

Time: 1PM ET 


What’s involved?

Ayhan Isaacs from Growth Rhino will go through the do’s and don’ts of Cold Email, and outline the three pillars of an effective campaign.


Together we will discuss strategy, execution, and optimization. Learn how to get meetings with new customers without ever having to make a cold call again.


What you will learn

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why Cold Email?
  • When Should You NOT Cold Email
  • Cold Email Strategy
  • Execution
    • List Building
    • Copywriting Basics
  • Technical Setup Rundown & Campaign Setup
  • Optimization Effects

How will I learn? 

When you sign up for the webinar you will receive a Google Calendar invite with a Zoom link in the description.


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Your Webinar Host

Ayhan K. Isaacs is the Founder of Growth Rhino – a sales agency helping SaaS companies scale their outbound programs. Learn more at He is certified in Conversion Optimization by CXL and holds a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Ryerson University. 

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