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What to expect

The Facebook Ad platform has significantly changed over the last year after iOS14. Ad costs have risen and it’s having a big impact on small businesses. In this webinar Jen will talk through the changes and how you can optimise your ads for the best success possible after iOS14.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn what iOS 14.5 means for your business
  • Learn how to navigate audiences building post iOS14.5
  • Learn how to optimise your tracking post iOS14.5
  • Get Q&A time with Jen to help your business post iOS 14.5

Your Host 


Jen Bryan

Jen Bryan is an award winning paid acquisition specialist with an honours masters degree in Digital Marketing Strategies. Jen is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Growth University as well as being a course creator and host. Jen has extensive experience working with start-ups and founders and their paid acquisition both in an agency and in-house capacity. Jen has helped companies across Ireland, UK and USA leverage phenomenal growth both nationally and internationally through paid acquisition channels.

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