HR Tips for Scaling Startups

with Maria Treacy

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Below is an outline of top 10 HR tips Maria has laid out for start-ups that are scaling. Maria will talk through each tip and share knowledge based on experience, the pitfalls and no no’s of hiring and managing poor performers.  Included in the webinar will be practical examples, discussion and Q&A with Maria providing feedback on specific challenges individual start-ups are facing.


Join this webinar and learn a little more about the top HR tips for startups. 


Top 10 HR Tips for scaling startups

  • Plan and prepare before you recruit – ask Q’s
  • Put new hires on the right contract
  • Manage new employee expectations clearly -be clear on what you expect them to deliver and share the vision 
  • Manage the probation period, weed out poor performers quickly
  • No dual reporting lines or manager titles
  • Hold 1-2-1s with direct reports weekly
  • Be specific – on what you want, where improvement is needed, what good looks like
  • Keep a diary, note conversations by email.
  • Empower your people, don’t tell them how to do their work and listen to their suggestions/ideas.
  • Find out and know the career goals of your team, know their strengths and weaknesses,  – align your people to your business

Your Host 

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Maria Treacy

With over 18 years professional senior HR experience across various industry, Maria understands business, how it works and the challenges that co-exist with technology, people and process in a remote future. Maria’s favorite things to do in the whole world are; enabling passionate people in authentic, tenacious business to grow and excel, daily exercise for her body and soul, and surfing online when she can, typically late at night for quirky fashion items and style inspiration, when the kids are in bed and the laptop is away. ‘Different was probably her first word, and she uses it to describe herself – because what gets her out of bed in the morning is working with people in business who want to be authentic, true to themselves, aligned to their work, doing what they love with the flexibility they need to have more success.

Join this live session now and get the HR tips for success! 

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