Formalize your startup's experiment model

In order to survive, every startup and business needs to experiment across their business model to find new avenues of growth. Formalize your process with the Experiment Model.

With the Experiment Model package, you can:

  • Stack rank your experiment ideas by likelihood to impact your business.
  • Layout each experiment scientifically so you can garner real learnings
  • Implement a tried and trusted method for creating your experimentation workflow

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"Growth University easily saved me 10-20 hours of trying to figure things out on my own, and likely getting wrong the first time around. I can't recommend this enough for all founders who want to nail their growth strategy without reinventing the wheel."

Matt Johnson, Taskable

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Package includes:

  • Comprehensive training video covering experimentation, using the template and example success and failure tests,
  • Excel template with example experiments, inbuilt experiment scoring, and how to rank experiments.

All for $50!

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What you get with the Experiment model