Meet the Team

Craig Zingerline

Cofounder & CEO

Craig Zingerline is a 6 time founder who has helped dozens of companies scale their growth. Prior to Growth University, Craig was the Chief Product Officer @ Sandboxx, Head of Growth at Upside Travel, CEO of Votion, Head of Growth at Red Tricycle, and VP at New Signature. In addition to in-house roles, Craig has advised and consulted with dozens of high growth startups (4 exits). He’s an award winning product strategist who has mentored hundreds of founders on growth, marketing, and product management. 

Jen Bryan

Cofounder & CMO

Jen Bryan is an award winning paid acquisition specialist with an honours masters degree in Digital Marketing Strategies. Jen is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Growth University as well as being a course creator and host. Jen has extensive experience working with start-ups and founders and their paid acquisition both in an agency and in-house capacity. Jen has helped companies across Ireland, UK and USA leverage phenomenal growth both nationally and internationally through paid acquisition channels.

Aoife Jacob

Head of Growth -Activation 

Aoife Jacob is the Head of Growth – Activation at Growth University. Aoife has worked in startups her entire career. She has served in a variety of roles from content creator to travel agency manager before specializing in Growth and Lifecycle marketing. With experience working with both national and international clients on advertising campaigns and user research, she loves problem solving and helping startups see the bigger picture and meet their potential.

Aoife Murphy

Head of Operations & Community

Aoife Murphy is the Head of Operations and Community at Growth University. Aoife has extensive experience working as an Educator and an Educational Administrator, having managed Childcare Centers in Europe prior to moving to tech. She loves supporting startup Founders so that they can grow & scale their companies faster. When not organizing meetups with entrepreneurs, she can be found on her podcast for Educators and Parents – Little Steps, Big Futures.

Aoife Dunne Head of Training & Development

Aoife Dunne

Head of Training & Development

Aoife Dunne is the Head of Training & Development at Growth University. Aoife has several years of experience in the personal and professional development field in a variety of organizations. Aoife works with individuals, teams, and organizations to address emerging knowledge and skill needs. Aoife strongly believes that lifelong learning is the key to continued personal and professional success.

Gergely Bisztriánszky

Growth Lead

Notable Investors

Jason Calacanis

Lead Investor & Early Cofounder 

Jason Calacanis is an investor & serial entrepreneur who runs the LAUNCH Accelerator and, the largest and most successful angel syndicate in the world, is host of the This Week in Startups podcast, and is the best selling author of Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups–Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000. Jason’s 200+ investments and thousands of conversations with startup founders make him one of the most sought after investors in the world.Jason was instrumental in helping Growth University launch. In the summer of 2020 founder Craig Zingerline ran a private beta of his original “Mastering Growth” program for Jason’s LAUNCH Accelerator companies. The feedback was incredibly strong, leading to the formation of the company.

What we are all about

At Growth University, our mission is to help startups succeed. Over 90% of startups fail in the first 5 years. We want to change that by developing tools, programs and resources designed to help at different stages of startup growth.

To help startups, we currently offer:
  • 11+ on-demand programs
  • 1:1 mentorship
  • free live programs and events
  • limited agency hours

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