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To grow a startup, you need the right people and the right information.

Growth University provides both.

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Growing a startup is hard

Over 90% of startups fail within the first 5 years.

Great products are lost to the rollercoaster of startup life every day.

Whether it’s being unable to find your market, overspending on ineffective channels, focusing on the wrong aspects of your product or you just can’t keep the users you find around, startup challenges are everywhere.

To top it all off, limited budgets, small teams and an infinite amount of paths to try grow your business means it has never been tougher to break through the noise.

Our mission is to help

startups succeed

Get the information you need.

No fluff.

We’ve created a custom set of on-demand programs led by growth experts specifically designed to help startups navigate marketing channels, fundraising, product growth and more.

So you and your team can learn the tactical skills need in each subject matter and apply it straight to your business.

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Get the help you need.

From real people.

No founder is an expert at everything. And most startups don’t have the luxury of hiring a full team who can hit the ground, growing your business.

With Growth University, you can get access to our expert growth team for questions, feedback, consulting or project specific work.

So whether you just need someone to bounce ideas with, need feedback on your pitchdeck, need a project executed now or want a custom growth roadmap for your entire business, Growth University has the team to help.

Trusted by hundreds of startups

With the highest NPS in the startup education space, see why our members and supporters trust Growth University to help grow their business.

NPS 50

“Craig is one of the best growth instructors in the industry.”

Jason Calacanis
Serial Entrepreneur and Early Investor in Robinhood, Wealthfront, Uber, Calm, Superhuman & Trello.
This isn't fluff material. The pace of the class was perfect enough to give us time to apply the actions in between each session. As a young company, you probably don't have a lot of resources to throw around, but this is a course worthy of the investment.
Bethany Schoengarth
Craig put on a great course, I enjoyed his lectures, the guest speakers, and all of the material was fantastic. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to level up their growth skills.
Shea Darlison
Rise Vision
The hour I spent every week in Growth University easily saved me 10-20 hours of trying to figure things out on my own, and likely getting wrong the first time around. I can't recommend this course enough for all founders who want to nail their growth strategy without reinventing the wheel.
Matt Johnson
Growth University helped us SAVE TIME and TRACK THE RIGHT METRICS at Postcard. We picked up signals and made a critical pivot (within weeks). Craig is a great teacher and I highly recommend this course for anyone with an MVP in market and in search of Product Market Fit.
Amit Jaipuria
Postcard Travel

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